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Essex Archaeological and Historical Congress


Essex Archaeological and Historical Congress was founded in 1964 to bring together all the organisations in the county that are interested in archaeology, local history and civic life. Today Essex Congress has nearly 100 member groups and actively promotes awareness and study of the rich heritage throughout the county and the immediate environs.




As an umbrella body the role of Essex Congress is to co-ordinate and promote the work of local groups and societies across the county. The popular Symposia organised by Congress bring together the range of activities: every year a History Symposium is held in Spring and an Archaeological Symposium is held in Autumn. These conferences are both informal and informative, summarising current knowledge and presenting new information.


The Annual General Meetings are held in a different historic venue around the county each year, and are also informal and convivial events that include behind-the-scenes tours, talks and walks.


There are two executive meetings a year: the business session is usually brief and followed by a presentation and discussion.


Congress also actively promotes the activities of member societies both to others and to the public.




1.    To advance the education of the public in the fields of archaeology, history and conservation throughout the historical county of Essex.


2.    To bring together into permanent association all authorities, societies and other organisations whose activities, in whole or part, are concerned with the archaeology or history of Essex.


3.    To provide such facilities as it seems desirable for for the closer co-operation of members in respect of such activities.


4.    To stimulate interest in the care, investigation and preservation of antiquities, buildings and records in Essex, and to engage in such actions, including publication, as is deemed necessary for these purposes.


5.    To collaborate with any bodies outside Essex whose activities are deemed relevant to the archaeology and / or history of Essex.

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Website: http://www.essexcongress.org.uk/

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