Forthcoming decisions

Forthcoming decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Corporate Parenting Annual Report20/08/2019For Determination27/11/2019
Annual Public Health Report20/08/2019For Determination29/01/2020
Independent Reconfiguration Panel Report20/08/2019For Determination23/10/2019
Report of Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport28/05/2019For Determination23/10/2019
Police Fire & Crime Commissioner (Presentation Only)28/05/2019For Determination30/01/2019
Annual Overview and Scrutiny Report 2018/1928/05/2019For Determination23/10/2019
General Fund Budget Proposals28/05/2019For Determination26/02/2020
Treasury Management Strategy 2020/2128/05/2019For Determination26/02/2020
Annual Pay Policy Statement 2020/2128/05/2019For Determination29/01/2020
Report of the Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Strategic Highways28/05/2019For Determination27/11/2019
Report of the Cabinet Member for Public Protection and Anti-Social Behaviour28/05/2019For Determination29/01/2020
Report of the Cabinet Member for Environment and Sports & Leisure28/05/2019For Determination23/10/2019
Report of the Cabinet Member for Children and Adult Social Care28/05/2019For Determination29/01/2020
Report of the Cabinet Member for Housing28/05/2019For Determination18/09/2019
Report of the Cabinet Member for Central Services & Communities28/05/2019For Determination27/11/2019