Agenda item

Announcements on behalf of the Mayor or the Leader of the Council


The Mayor congratulated Olivia Busby a young lady who Thurrock Sports Council and Recreation Charity had sponsored who had become the European Champion and achieved two world records in the USA for power lifting. The Mayor stated that Olivia would be invited into the Mayor’s Parlour to receive a gift on behalf of the Council.


The Mayor announced that by the end of June he would have attended 22 events with the month of July looking even busier.


The Deputy Leader of the Council, Councillor Hebb, updated Members by stating that on Saturday, Thurrock residents and communities across the United Kingdom would be celebrating Windrush Day to honour the men, women and children who stepped off the Empire Windrush at the Port of Tilbury on 22 June 1948, as well as the legacy of the ‘Windrush Generation’ and their descendants. Councillor Hebb detailed that Caribbean migrants on board the Empire Windrush, comprising of painters, musicians, farmers and carpenters, spent 30 days at sea in order to come to the UK and seize the opportunity to influence sport, culture, health care, industry and our communities. Some had served alongside the Allies during the Second World War, with many then providing much-needed labour to assist in the rebuilding efforts of post-war Britain. Thurrock was the point where they disembarked and took their first steps on British soil as they set off on their new lives. Thurrock were proud of the role they played in this important story and would mark the anniversary of this important event. With Government funding of £50,000 being allocated annually to a Windrush Day grant scheme, of which Thurrock had benefited from this year. Educational workshops had been held over the past few months and Windrush Day celebrations would conclude with the Tilbury Carnival on Saturday 20 July. This would be hosted by local groups including the Tilbury-on-the-Thames Trust, Kinetika, Port of Tilbury, Tilbury Riverside Project and One Community Development Trust alongside Thurrock Council.  


Councillor Fletcher entered the council chamber at 7.11pm.


Councillor Hebb reminded Members that next week’s Armed Forces Day would be commemorated with a series of events around the borough. On Monday 24 June a flag would be raised at the Civic Offices with a special event taking place at Coalhouse Fort on Sunday 23 June and the Thurrock Museum would be holding a special exhibition looking at Thurrock’s place in the peacetime events which immediately followed World War One. As part of this year Thurrock remembered the events of 75 years ago when thousands of brave young men stormed the beaches at Normandy in one of the largest amphibious assaults in history and going on to liberate France and much of Europe and begin the events which brought an end to the Second World War.


Councillor Hebb stated Councillors and Officers would be attending the Municipal Journal Local Government Achievement Awards next week where the Council would be shortlisted in four categories, including the most prestigious of all the awards, the Local Authority of the Year. Councillor Hebb stated that Thurrock Council had deservedly earned a place amongst the best of the best local authorities thanks to the hard work and innovative approach taken by all elected Members and Officers. Thurrock Council had also been shortlisted for Care and Health Integration, Innovation in Finance and Senior Leadership Team. Making all these shortlists was testament to the Council’s well-earned reputation for cross-party engagement and working closely with partners in the community, business and third sectors, as well as taking an innovative approach to tackling the challenges facing local government. Councillor Hebb stated that for Thurrock to make the shortlist was an honour and the winner would be announced next week.


Councillor Hebb provided an update on the Clean Air Scheme where work was currently taking place on an exciting new competition with two Thurrock schools where pupils were being asked to design a poster encouraging parents to turn off their engines when waiting to collect their children from school. Judging of the competition will take place next month and looked forward to seeing the winning design. Councillor Hebb stated that the Council were committed to doing all that they can to improve air quality in Thurrock and encouraged everyone to consider how they can reduce their own vehicle emissions.


Councillor Hebb provided a Clean it, Cut it, Fill it update and stated that since April 2019:


           649 potholes had been filled, every single one within agreed timeframes

           328 fly-tips had been cleared

           469 tonnes of waste collected by street cleaning and grounds maintenance teams combined

           Over 99% of household waste bins had been collected on the correct day