Agenda and minutes

Waste Management Working Group - Thursday, 26th September, 2019 7.00 pm

Venue: Oliver Close Depot

Contact: Jenny Shade  Email:

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Minutes and Update on Actions


Members agreed the minutes of the meeting held on the 4 September 2019.


The Chair asked that the action points taken from that meeting be added.


Members were provided with:


·         A copy of Recycling Activities Past and Present which included information on the work undertaken on communications, education, introducing Recycling into flats and other activities.


·         An analysis of collection frequencies and methodologies using the DEFRA confirmed recycling figures from 2018/19 that had been investigated on collection frequency and methods for all Councils achieving recycling rates greater than 50%.


·         An overview of the Waste Strategic Review that demonstrated the pathway of waste from Collections, Waste Disposal. Enforcement, Objectives and Consultation.



Flats Recycling Pilot Overview and Update


Marcelle Puttergill provided Members with an update on the pilot that had been undertaken at two active locations, The Echoes and Worthing Close. These locations had been targeted as they had not previously had recycling facilities of collections and residents of both sites had expressed an interest in recycling their household waste. Measures undertaken were engagement with residents through two letters and a recycling welcome pack, a review of the bins stores with updated signage being installed and the supply of reverse lidded recycling bins for each site. The initial results were good. Within the first week three bins were a quarter full and one bin half full with no contamination. That good results had been reported from both sites and the pilot that started on the 1 September and will run for six weeks. After that feedback will be sought from those residents to help plan and look at how to roll out to the whole of the borough. The roll out would cover 350+ locations and priority would be given to those housing locations and properties that had made requests then across the borough and onto private properties. That there had been positive feedback on the signage and bins.  A design document for new builds is being developed to ensure that appropriate space and access is provide to ensure that recycling facilities can be accommodated effectively.


Julie Rogers stated that the revenue budget had covered the cost of the pilot and work was being undertaken on capital bids to accommodate future roll out which would need to be undertaken as a phased approach as resources would be required to undertake this work.


Members were encouraged to promote the successes of the pilot to residents and how this would be rolled out in the future.


Members requested that Lynn Aben the Recycling Project Officer attend the meeting on the 15 October to provide an update on the activities that had been undertaken with schools and a further update on the pilot.


Members were presented with a welcome pack that was distributed to those residents who took part in the pilot and Members were asked for their feedback. The purpose of the outer packaging was that it drew the resident’s attention as to what was being undertaken.


Members discussed other options on how recycling could be promoted in Thurrock:


           Involve local schools in any future leaflet designs

           Have designated recycling areas for flats

           Have a catchy slogan


Councillor Fletcher summed up that:


           Pilot looked good

           The clear imagery appeared to be working well

           Possible changes need to be made to the leaflet


Consultation Portal


Scott Morrow talked Members through how the consultation would work and potentially how it would look. The consultation would include some background information, key messages on education and communications and Q&A. Some of the questions would have drop down answers and leading questions which were easier to analyse. Members agreed that one of the questions should be “why don’t you recycle”.


The consultation would be created on the Thurrock’s portal where residents would be able to access and complete on-line.


Members were provided with a draft of what the consultation should include and examples of questions that could be asked.


Members discussed how all residents could be engaged in the consultation and discussed other options rather than the consultation solely being on-line which were:


Door Drop – expensive but could be used to direct residents to the portal, or direct them to their local hub/library where paper copies could be completed, press releases, media with the appropriate links.


Door Knocking – time consuming - residents would complete the consultation directly with an officer – it was confirmed that the consultation could be anonymous so this option would not work and would not work within the proposed timescales.


Stalls in local communities – for those areas with no hub or library.


Direct Mail – members agreed the best option – letter or postcode to residents directing them to the portal or to their local hub/library where paper copies could be completed. This option could be used as an “Alert” that the consultation is taking place.


Have your Say – open to residents on-line.


e-Newsletter letter which has 12,000 subscribers.


Scott Morrow agreed to send an electronic version of the draft to Members and requested that Members come back to him with any comments by the end of next Monday, 30 September.


Members agreed that a presentation of how the consultation will look will be given at the next meeting.


Any Other Business


Members clarified that they were in favour of an early consultation.


Members clarified that they were in favour of a change to the original timeline.


Julie Rogers to prepare a short briefing note to table at the Cleaner Greener Safer Overview and Scrutiny Committee on the 3 October that outlined the new timelines and recommendation of an early consultation. Julie Roger will forward to Councillor Fletcher and then onto the Members of this committee.


Councillor Fletcher will provide a verbal update at the above committee.


The Chair confirmed that the next meeting would take place on the 15 October at the Civic Offices.


Members were asked if they would like to attend a “Crew Day” but stated that as safety was paramount, Members would have to attend a training session and wear the necessary protective clothing. Members were asked to let Andy Kelly know.





1.    Julie Rogers to prepare paper for the Cleaner Green Safer Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

2.    Scott Morrow to send out an electronic copy of the draft consultation.

3.    Members were requested to let Scott know of any comments by Monday 30 September.

4.    A draft consultation to be presented at the next meeting on the 15 October.